Cozy Grove Beginner’s Guide

This Cozy Grove Beginner’s Guide will show you everything you can do the first day in Cozy Grove. I will also go over things you can do while you wait!

If you were looking for a step-by-step walkthrough to get you through your first day, you can read our Walkthrough here!

Cozy Grove just came out today and if you’re a bit lost, this guide will help you out. Let’s break down some of the game’s main mechanics to better understand the flow of the game.

How to Advance the Story in Cozy Grove

Story progression is tied to Ghosts, Flamey and Spirit Logs. It goes like this: you discover a new ghost, complete their requests and they give you a Spirit Log that you then feed to Flamey. Feeding the fire extends a metaphorical light that helps other stranded ghosts find your island. Of course, these new ghosts will have more quests for you, so on and so forth. How many Spirit Logs you can get is locked behind real-life time. When you’ve collected all the Spirit Logs for the day, Flamey will tell you to wait for tomorrow.

Cozy Grove's Flamey character

More Spirit Logs will be available the next day when you speak to Flamey or you check your Spirit Log availability on your Journal.

Cozy Grove Foraging & Resources

The first ghost Jeremy Gruffle will reward you with a Wooden Shovel when you complete his first request for 5 Branches. The Shovel will allow you to dig up soft Dirt Mounds scattered around the island. As you advance the story and the days pass, Jeremy will have more tasks available and you will unlock more Tools.

A dirt mound with resources in Cozy Grove

Aside from Dirt Mounds, you can unearth resources from Leaf Piles and you don’t need any tools to dig through those leaf piles.

A leaf pile with resources in Cozy Grove

Gathering Spots Respawns are limited

All gathering spots such as dirt mounds and leaf piles will respawn a few times a day, but yes, only a few times. So make sure to loot all of them and rely on an infinite source.

Burning Items to Create new Ones

You can approach Flamey at any point and tell him you want to burn things. Burning things usually create new items; don’t worry, you get to see the item that will be created before you burn anything. As I will explain below, a popular way of making money is by burning fish and selling the fishbones.

Island Landmarks

Get familiar with the layout of your island. The clues for items will usually tell you that it’s close to X thing, such as a skull. Make sure to take note of where these landmarks are so you can find them quickly the next time.

The Pickaxe

The Pickaxe is an important tool that you get as a reward from Jeremy Gruffle after delivering 5 Branches and 1 Softwood. The Pickaxe will let you mine rocks and obtain resources such as Small Silver Ore.

A note about the Pickaxe

You can’t get this tool on your first day in Cozy Grove. It must be at least day 2!

How to Craft in Cozy Grove

Crafting in Cozy Grove requires helping Jeremy Gruffle with the first request, from then you can speak to him to craft resources. Here are some of the resources you need to craft things in Cozy Grove!

ItemSelling PriceHow to ObtainRecipes
Branch10Leaf Piles
Charred Fishbone50Burn FishBurn Fish
Gold Ingot2,500Workshop50 Silver Ingot
Happy Bird Essence30050 Spirit Bird Essence
Happy Deer Essence30050 Spirit Deer Essence
Happy Imp Essence30050 Spirit Imp Essence
Hardwood55Leaf Piles, Workshop10 Softwood
Iron Ingot50Burn Iron Ore
Joyous Bird Essence2,00050 Happy Bird Essence
Joyous Deer Essence2,00050 Happy Deer Essence
Joyous Imp Essence2,00050 Happy Imp Essence
Large Iron Ingot20
Large Silver Ore60Rock
Medium Gold Ore200Rock
Medium Iron Ore10Rock
Noble Jewel?10 Precious Gems
Precious Gem?Workshop10 Semi-Precious Gem
Relic Ash1,000Relic
Semi-Precious GemWorkshop10 Quartz Gemstone
Silver Ingot200Burn Silver Ore50 Iron Ingots or burn Silver Ore
Small Iron Ore5Rock
Small Silver Ore20Rock
Softwood20Leaf Piles, Workshop10 Branches
Spirit Bird Essence5
Spirit Deer Essence5
Spirit Imp Essence5
Tin of Flower Pigment100Recycle Flowers

What to do while waiting for a new day in Cozy Grove

The best thing to do while you wait for Spirit Logs and new quests is to dig up every Dirt Mound, Leaf Pile, mine every Rock and when there’s nothing else left to do, fish.

Cozy Grove Fishing Guide

You can sell the fish you get, but it’s better to burn some fish instead of selling them straight away because you might get more money by selling the Charred Bonefish that you get from burning than selling the fish. That’s why we have this handy table to help you figure out which fish to sell. Every Charred Bonefish sells for 50 coins, so if burning the fish gets you 3 bones and the fish sells for 100 coins, you’d be making 50 coins more by burning the fish. The table is colour-coded so you can easily spot the fish that are worth selling/burning.

Leave a comment if you have any more data about fish that we’re missing.

  • Red: Loss
  • Green: Profit
  • Yellow: No Profit
Fish Fish Seling Price Charred Bones per Fish Profit by Burning
Bereft Brill 50 3 150
Collapsed Lungfish 13 1 50
Elder Sprat 125 5 250
Leatherskin 25 2 100
Mudsuckers 25 2 100
Northern Triggerfish 50 3 150
Ordinary Sucker 13 2 100
Pipefish 13 1 50
Poodleshark 125 5 250
Rockling 25 2 100
Silver Bristlemouth 125 5 250
Sleeper 50 3 150
Spiny Basslet 25 2 100
Ugly Loach 13 1 50
Wrymouth 50 3 150
Orangespine 125 5 250
Angry Salmon 100 3 150
Drowned Regret 250 5 250
Fatted Floumder 50 2 100
Flatfish 50 2 100
Ghost of Drowned Sailors 25 1 50
Icefish 100 3 150
New World Perch 25 1 50
Northern Pearleye 50 2 100
Pleasantfin 250 5 250
Porgy 100 3 150
Revenant Trout 50 2 100
Sand Diver 250 5 250
Shadowmouth 25 1 50
Spiteful Cusk 100 3 150
You-Should-Have-Said-Something Fish 25 1 50
Arctic Char 100 3 150
Boatfish 150 4 200
Eeltail Bream 1050 21 1050
Jellynose 150 4 200
Maple Fish 50 2 100
Mutant Carp 100 3 150
Queen of Carp 50 2 100
Saucereye 300 6 300
Tremblin Cretin 150 4 200
Fangtooth 100 3 150
Spookling 150 4 200
Native Flagfish 50 2 100
Splittail Cod 50 2 100
Forgotten Flounder 100 3 150

That’s it, for now! Let me know in the comments what kind of Cozy Grove guides you would like to see.

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  1. Eeltail bream sell for 1050 coins to Mr. Kit. The 17,500 coins listed here are the collection donation reward.

    1. I think you may buy it from a store from Lee Berry – but its not in offer so often. I saw them once but did not have the resources to buy and since then I did not see them anymore. Now I’m on day 30 and 2 of my questes are related to deer – I got stuck… :-/

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