Cozy Grove Day 2 Walkthrough

This is a complete day 2 walkthrough to Cozy Grove, if you’re looking for our first-day walkthrough, you can check it out here. Check out our Beginner’s Guide as well!

If you’re looking for everything you can do on the second day, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started by looking at every villager request!

Charlotte Pine

Rewards: Common farmhouse lamp, spirit log

For Charlotte, you will have to find a ”’Tea Mug”’ and 5 ”’Tea Pastry”’. The Tea Mug should be easy to find, but the tea pastry can blend in very well in uncoloured areas. Here’s what it looks like in an uncoloured area:

Cozy Grove - Tea Pastry on the Ground
Tea pastry on the ground.

You can also see the tea mug coming out of the dirt mound. You get a common farmhouse lamp and spirit wood for completing this request. You can continue on with the next quests for the day.

Jeremy Gruffle

Rewards: Bone pickaxe, 10 common log cabin fences, ancient lantern

This one’s easy, to complete the request you need:

  • 5 Branches
  • 1 Softwood.

All you have to do is loot the leaf piles and dirt mounds around the island if you don’t already have these. The bone pickaxe will allow you to mine rocks around the island. These rocks contain ores such as small iron ire.

Captain Billweather Snout

Rewards: Donations

You need 5 feathers and 1 sea captain’s sweater for this one. The latter can be purchased from Mr Kit’s store for 250 coins. This request unlocks donations to the captain. You can donate every item in the game and get something in return, so make sure to check back often to donate more items.

Patrice Furbac

Rewards: Scout book page, spirit wood, potted dahlia

You need to collect 3 letters for this request and you obtain a scout book page, some spirit wood and a potted dahlia. The scout book page has no use, yet, but it’s an item that you should keep. Put it in your tent’s inventory by speaking to Flamey. The potted dahlia can be placed anywhere and it will sprout flowers that you can harvest and later recycle for tins of flower pigment.

Francesca DuClaw

Rewards: Spirit wood

Francesca is a new villager you unlock during the second day in Cozy Grove. You get two requests from her. The first request is simply to collect 5 leaves. Francesca believes she is a tree, apparently. Here’s what a leaf looks like in an uncoloured area:

Cozy Grove - Leaf in coloured area
A leaf in an uncoloured area.

You get a single spirit log for this quest, but you get another one. This time she gives you a common log cabin lamp and asks you to place it in a way that will extend the colour of the area towards the walnut tree. The walnut tree was north of Jeremy. It has an umbrella stuck on it, you can’t miss it. You get a Golden plum tree for completing this request.

That’s it for bear requests for now, but you can dedicate the rest of the day to fishing. Remember that you can get more than fish. Sometimes you will see big round-ish shadows, this likely means that is not a fish, but a recipe for something. Fishing is also a great way to make money. We explain this more in-depth in our Fishing Guide, but basically, you need to fish and burn the fish to get Charred Bonefish, then you sell that.

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