Cozy Grove Walkthrough

Want to know step-by-step what to do in Cozy Grove? You’re in the right place. Let’s get started.

Here’s everything you can do on your first day in Cozy Grove.

Character Customisation

The first step in your journey is to customise your character. You’ll be prompted to choose your skin colour, eyes colour, hairstyle and colour. After that, you read your letter as you arrive on the island. If this is stressing you out, fret not, you’ll be able to change your appearance later on in the game.

Day 1

This part of the walkthrough covers your first day on the island (yeah, that’s right, it doesn’t matter when you started the game). To start, approach the campfire to get introduced to a helpful character, Flamey.

Cozy Grove's "Flamey" character
Flamey, the campfire

Now, you’ll be prompted to choose a dialogue option, but there are no lasting consequences outside of getting a single different dialogue from Flamey, so feel free to choose whatever you like. You’ll see a cursor on the edge of the screen after talking to Flamey. This cursor points you towards your first objective, a Ghost. Not to be afraid since those are some really nice ghosts. Ghosts are like villagers if you’re familiar with the Animal Crossing franchise.

Approach the Ghost and interact with him to reveal a new character, Charlotte Pine. He’ll give you some info about previous spirit scouts that have been on the island before. What happens now is important. Charlotte tells you to put some Spirit Log on the campfire (i.e Flamey). Spirit Log is an important item; every time you feed a Spirit Log to Flamey, you will unlock a new Ghost. Meaning that Spirit Logs are the main way of progression in the game. Pick up the Spirit Log from the ground and drop it on Flamey.

A Spirit Log on the ground, next to the campfire
A Spirit Log on the ground next to Flamey

To feed the Spirit Log to Flamey, simply approach him and select “Here’s a log for you”. You’ll get a pointer again after feeding the log to Flamey. Follow it to meet a new Ghost called Jeremy Gruffle. Jeremy’s another important Ghost; he’s the one that will allow you to craft things. Jeremy will ask you to find 3 Branches for him. He’ll make it worth your while, he says. Now, you must be wondering where and how to obtain these Branches. Whenever you’re wondering where to get a request item, check to your right for hints. On PC you just have to hover over the items and right click.

As you can see from the image, you always get a hint of the item’s location. But if you’re having a lot of trouble finding a certain item, you can speak to Charlotte and pay 100 coins for directions. When you’ve done so, a new marker will show you the location of the item you’re looking for. You’ll need to find 3 of these. Check out the image below if you want to know what the branch looks like.

A hint of how to get branches
A branch on the ground
A branch on the ground

Deliver the branches to Jeremy and you’ll obtain the Wooden Shovel. This tool will let you dig up Dirt Mounds. We have some images and instructions in our Beginner’s Guide. Dig up some dirt mounds and give the Spirit Log to Flamey to unlock the next Ghost, Mr. Kit and Captain Billweather Snout. Go see the captain, first.

Captain Billweather Snout

He’ll task you with buying an Ocean Fishing Rod from Mr. Kit. If you don’t have enough money, check your badges (the little flame icon on the bottom-left side). Buy the fishing rod and go back to the Captain for an introduction on fishing.

To start fishing, select the Fishing Rod (double click on PC) to equip it, then simply approach the ocean and a fishing rod icon will appear above your character. First, you’ll have to find a side of the ocean with actual fish silhouettes and drag the fishing rod icon, then release it in the direction of the fish. Check out our Beginner’s Guide if you want to know more about fish. Some fish are better burnt than sold directly (really).

Speak to the captain after catching a fish and give him the fish and you’ll learn that your boat is gone, now, for some reason. You’ll get a Spirit Log as a reward. Go see Charlotte to get another request.

Charlotte Pine – Wilderness Guide

Charlotte will task you with finding a Wilderness Guide book. All you have to do is dig up some Leaf Piles. Check out our Beginner’s Guide for more information about Leaf Piles and what they look like. You’ll be introduced to the Spirits screen with this. You can see memories and more information about each Ghost from this screen.

Memories Screen
The Spirits Screen

Give the two Spirit Logs to Flamey and speak to Charlotte once again. She’ll introduce you to Pets and task you to purchase a Young Placid Bird from Mr. Kit’s store. Purchase the bird and speak to Charlotte once again. Place the bird near your campfire and interact with it to pet it and increase your relationship. After that, you can go look for the new Ghost, he should be somewhere around the northwest side of your island.

Patrice Furbac

Patrice is the “Postal Bear”, he’s in charge of handling your mail. You will often get items as gifts in the form of mail, so check back often with him. He’ll ask you to look for a Package. Now, go to the beach and look for leaf piles to dig through until you find the package. Go back to Patrice when you find the Package and read your emails, plus get your goodies.

Jeremy Gruffles

Now, go back to Jeremy and he’ll have another task for you. This one seems to be random, however. I’ve had him ask me different sets of items (I play on multiple saves). It’s fine, though. By now, you should have a solid understanding of how to find items, but in case you forgot, let’s recap: Look around, dig up leaf piles, dirt mounds, if all else fails, pay 100 coins to Charlotte for directions.

You’ll get a few crafting recipes as a reward and the ability to craft. To craft items, you’ll have to speak to Jeremy. Check out our Beginner’s Guide to learn more about crafting. If you have the ingredients, you will be prompted to craft something right away. You’ll receive 10 Branches, 10 Hardwood, 10 Softwood and a Spirit Log when you complete the request. Go ahead and speak to the captain once again.

Captain Billweather Snout – Feathers

The captain will want some Feathers this time. They look like this:

A feather on the ground

Return to the captain after finding all Feathers to get another Spirit Log. Ok, that’s everything you can to advance the story on your first day. For more logs and requests, you will have to wait until 5:00 AM your time for the world to reset. In the meantime, you can fish, dig up every leaf pile and dirt mound. Learn more from our Beginner’s Guide!

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