Evil Genius 2: A Place to Call Your Own & Perfect Pitch

Today, we will be looking at how to complete the “A Place to Call your Own” and “Perfect Pitch” Main Objectives in Evil Genius 2.

Note: Playing without the tutorial adds a few more objectives to “A Place to Call Your Own”.

A Place to Call your Own Walkthrough – Evil Genius 2

First off, you will have to outline the Inner Sanctum area with 60 tiles. You can make that 6×10 if you want no more than 60 tiles, otherwise you can make it 8×8 for 64 tiles, which is what I usually do. Either way, outline the Inner Sanctum Area to continue. You will also have to place an Impressive Desk and a door. All of this will cost you around 22,000 Gold. This is optional, but you can build a Conference Table for an additional 25,000 Gold. This table allows your Henchmen to recover stats such as Vitality.

Outline to the Inner Sanctum's building.
The Inner Sanctum’s outline

That’s all for this one. You will obtain the technology required to build the Inner Sanctum along with its item after completing the mission.

Perfect Pitch Walkthrough – Evil Genius 2

The first objective you see is to “Design the Device at [Genius]’s Desk”. To do this, zoom in on the Inner Sanctum and select the Impressive Desk, then click on “Design the Device”, and for that to work, your Genius has to be sitting on the desk.

The genius, Zalika sitting on the impressive desk.
Zalika (Genius) “designing the device”

After that, you have to build 5 Gold Pallets in the Vault. Each pallet costs 3000 Gold, so be prepared to spend some cash on this. Next, you have “Gain Investors on the World Stage”. So, open the world map with the G key and look for icons as the ones I will show you below:

Two icons of the Investor Scheme
Investor Scheme icons on the World Stage

It’s likely that these icons will be sitting on regions outside of your control, so you might have to upgrade your Control Room and insert another Radio Repeater. In addition, this must be done 5 times to gain 5 investors. Meaning this will take a while and Radio Repeaters use 5 Power each. This objective alone will drive you make progress in the game. Another resource you will need is called Intel.

How to Gain Intel in Evil Genius 2

The best and quickest way to gain Intel is by interrogating undercover agents. Instead of eliminating agents during attacks, select to imprison them. After that, you can use a torturing device such as the Interrogation Chair to extract Intel from agents.

You can also passively gain Intel by placing a Computer Console in your Control Room. This item is unlocked after researching the technology of the same name, Computer Console. You should make use of both ways to gain Intel. It’s not wise to rely solely on interrogating agents because this raises your Heat level.

Other things you can do in the meantime

There are several ways to improve your Lair while you gather money, power and scouted regions to complete the Perfect Pitch mission.

Scam Tourists!

A great way to make some extra money is to increase your Valet count and place “entertainment” items on the entrance of your Lair to scam tourists.

Place more Lockers!

Because this mission will require you to scout more regions and therefore send more Minions on mission, you might find yourself lacking some minions. This a great time to build more Lockers and even research technologies that increase your minion cap!

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