How to Beat Gauss Solo in Outriders

Gauss is the first boss you encounter after the prologue and can be a bit tricky for beginners, especially if you’re playing solo. Luckily, we’re here to show you how to beat Gauss solo in Outriders.

Gauss’ Abilities

After the cutscene, Gauss will simply shoot long-range attacks. During this stage, you can easily harass him in close range or play his game and attack from a distance whilst taking cover.

Ball Lightning

What comes after that stage is what’s important. He will soon start releasing autonomous lightning balls that will roam around and hurt you on contact. This ability is called Ball Lightning.

Boss Gauss charging the Ball Lightning ability.
Gauss charging the Ball Lightning ability

As I mentioned, this ability will form a link between two lightning balls and roam around the stage. This makes it difficult to stay in one place behind cover. This means this is the chance for those with good close-range abilities, particularly Tricksters. Check out the short video below to see this put into practice.

Shock Shift

This ability allows him to teleport away from you. It charges really quickly, so if you see it charging, then it’s already too late for a melee attack. Other abilities might have time to do some damage.

Discharge Mine

This ability will spawn an electric mine on your location and it will stay there for a while. Coming into contact with the mine will hurt you, even after the initial spawn.

Steel Wall

His most useless ability by far. I think the point was to shield himself from damage, and not only doesn’t last long, but you can actually hurt him if you shoot between the metal plates.

Metal Barrage

It can get tricky when he pairs this ability with Ball Lightning. Metal Barrage will spawn several electric circles on the ground that will follow you around and zap you on contact. Don’t try to fight him if you’re surrounded by these circles. Get yourself to a safe area and start shooting again.

Lightning Storm

His most dangerous ability. This ability will bring upon several lightning strikes on the ground. When he’s performing this ability, simply run. There’s no upside on attacking him while he’s performing this ability. It can deal a lot of damage and doesn’t last too long anyway.

How to beat Gauss in Outriders

When Ball Lightning is not around, you can play it any way you like. You can hide behind cover and stay there, move around or harass him with close-range and melee attacks. When he starts charging for ball lightning use your ability since it takes a while to charge. You can take your time, aim and even perform combos as we’ve shown you in our video above.

If you’ve followed these steps and you’re still having trouble, then you’re probably not using your abilities often enough. For every boss out there, you need to spam your abilities. The more you use them, the more damage over time you can inflict upon bosses.

Video Breakdown

Watch Mykah Maelstrom’s video breakdown on this fight! He breaks down every ability as we did as he shows you every ability!

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