How to Defeat Chrysaloid in Outriders

Having trouble with Chrysaloid? Well, now you’re gonna learn everything there is to know about the Chrysaloid and how to defeat it. If you’re looking to defeat Gauss, check out our How to Defeat Gauss Guide!

Chrysaloid is a boss in Outriders and a really big one at that. This guide will show you how to defeat Chrysaloid in Outriders by learning the Chrysaloid’s attack pattern. There will also be mods recommendations, mods like Essence Thief will be essential for this battle, but that’s enough of introductions. Let’s get right into it.

Preparing for the Chrysaloid Fight in Outriders

Of course, before we fight the beast, we need to prepare ourselves. There are a few things you’ll want to re-check if you’re not having a good time with Chrysaloid. First, your mods. Are you sure your current mods are the best you can use right? You need to think about damage output and survivability. A good rule of thumb is to pour all your damage-dealing mods on your main gun and reserve your secondary gun as a healer.


You can imbue your secondary gun with a mod such as Essence Thief, which will heal you with each shot. Another mod worth considering is Resistance Breaker. Resistance Breaker is a Tier II mod that lowers your target’s Resistance by 35%. I encourage you to experiment with more mods, but these two mods are guaranteed to make a huge difference as long as you’re using them right.

You should also consider damage-over-time status effects. Some mods will make your weapons inflict status effects such as Toxic, Burn, Ash, etc. I recommend going with Burn or Toxic. Bleed deals the least damage out of all of them.


Double-check you’re picking the correct skills. Some Movement skills in particular will be completely useless against Chrysaloid, such as the Trickster’s Hunt the Prey skill which teleports him behind the target. You can’t do that in this fight.


You also need to choose your weapons right. Some builds that are usually effective might struggle against Chrysaloid. A good example of this is a shotgun trickster. Whilst shotguns are extremely powerful with Tricksters, they might fall short due to Chrysaloid being so huge and being at a distance from you. You should at least make sure that your secondary weapon is a long-range one. A setup that worked for me was a shotgun as primary and a sniper rifle as secondary. Additionally, the sniper rifle had the Essence Thief mod and worked as a healing gun.

In need of weapons? No need, our Scrap Guide shows you exactly how to get insane amounts of weapons and armour really quickly!

If you absolutely must fight Chrysaloid with a close-range weapon, make sure to aim at his hands. Those are usually the parts closest to you and the closer the part is, the more damage you deal (as a close-range combat user).

Class Points

Remember that you can reset your class tree at any point at no extra cost. Take your time, look at your class points and make sure they’re actually helping.

How to Defeat Chrysaloid

You can defeat the Chrysaloid by depleting half of its health, first. This will trigger a cutscene and the second stage of the fight will begin. I will break down each stage of the fight and the Chrysaloid’s attack pattern, but first, let’s review the battleground.

The Arena

You’ll find yourself in a cave with a big hole in it. The Chrysaloid will use this hole to attack you. You will also see several rocks in front of the Chrysaloid. You can use these rocks as cover and they’re the only way to avoid one of the Chrysaloid’s attacks.

If you look up, you will see an arc of stone. Sometimes the Chrysaloid will climb up there and break boulders that will fall on you.

Now, the most important thing you need to remember is where the ammo boxes are. There’s one on each side and they appear on your radar, but it’s better to remember exactly where they are. You don’t wanna waste too much time.

Stage 1: Chrysaloid Battle

The Chrysaloid will do 1 of 3 things: he will try to smash you with his hand, shake the cave so boulders will fall on you or attack you with a powerful scream that covers the entire arena. Let’s look at what to do in each situation.

Claw Smash

The claw smash attack will cover a lot of ground, but it’s relatively easy to dodge. Make sure you roll in the opposite direction the hand is coming from. So, if it’s coming from the west, you roll east. You will also see a red circle on the ground that tells you exactly how much ground this attack covers. It’s easy to miss because you’ll be too busy looking up to aim at this big monster.

Falling Boulders

If you see the Chrysaloid climbing, that means he’s going to shake the cave and boulders will fall on you. They usually drop in groups, so if you see them going your way, just run away from the spot and you should be fine. You will also see red circles on the ground for this one.

Piercing Shriek

Chrysaloid’s Piercing Shriek is its most dangerous attack during the first stage of the fight. The shriek will move from one side to another, covering the entire arena. The only way to avoid the attack is by hiding behind the rocks in the arena or using a Movement type skill such as Borrowed Time.


Now you know Chrysaloid’s attack patterns and what to do in each situation. So what do you do once in the arena? Simple, really: shoot, shoot and keep shooting. No kidding, this boss fight will last longer than the previous ones, so expect to shoot at the Chrysaloid for a while. If you followed my advice and imbued a secondary weapon with Essence Thief, then you don’t even have to dodge its attacks.

It doesn’t attack often enough for you to worry about getting killed. Do you get hit? Pull out your secondary weapon, shoot a few times and you’ll be up to full health in no time. The Chrysaloid will not have enough time to kill you (unless it can one-shot you, in which case get more armour).

Stage 2: Chrysaloid Battle

The first stage of the battle is finished by a cutscene where you fall and find yourself in a big open space. The Chrysaloid will have a few more tricks up its sleeve this time.

Boulder Toss

If you deal too much consecutive damage, the Chrysaloid will retreat and begin tossing big boulders at you. You can still shoot at it, but try to get a sense of where the boulders will drop. The direction of the boulders seem to be random, but you’ll have enough wiggle space to dodge all boulders.

Piercing Shriek

The Piercing Shriek is much easier to dodge this time. The Chrysaloid will climb up the rocks and aim the shriek to one fixed spot. Just say away from the marked red spot and you’ll be fine. It covers a lot of ground, but the space is big enough for you to easily dodge it.


By far, the most dangerous aspect of this stage is the 2/3 Strix that are spawned. Get rid of these immediately. Don’t underestimate the Strix, they can perform long-range attacks and their melee attacks can deal a lot of damage as well. The bright side is that the Chrysaloid now has a weak spot.

Image of boss Chrysaloid with the weak spot unexposed
Covered Weak Point
Chrysaloid's exposed weak point
Exposed Weak Point

The images above show you what it looks like before and after exposing the weak spot on the Chrysaloid. You can only shoot at this part when he leans on the arena or when he’s climbing up.

Recap: Shoot, shoot, and shoot. Swap to a dedicated healer gun when you’re low on health, swap back when you’re full, keep shooting. In the second stage, get rid of the Strix immediately and keep shooting at the Chrysaloid. Shoot at his weak point shown on the image above to deal even more damage. The more important part of this battle is the preparation. If you’ve prepared accordingly, it will be a piece of cake!

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