How to get Scrap in Outriders

Scrap is the main currency in Outriders. You can purchase weapons, armour and raw resources from shops with Scrap and it’s currently the best way to get Titanium. You can buy Titanium from Bailey after defeating Yagak.

Other guides will simply outline how to get scrap in Outriders. They will tell you that you can sell items for Scrap, or that sometimes you get Scrap as a reward for completing the mission, or chests or breaking down weapons. But we don’t care about that, here. We care about how we can maximise the amount of Scrap we’re getting. We’ll be looking at some so-called “Loot Caves” and “Loot Farms”

You can get Scrap by disassembling weapons, and here’s how to get tons of weapons:

How to farm Weapons in Outriders

The best guns drop from Elite enemies and you get to keep them even after you die. Couple this with the fact you can choose any Story Point at will, and you’ve got yourself the perfect tool for farming weapons. So, how does it work? It’s simple, as you progress through the story, find a Story Point with one or more Elites close to the Story Point, then you go back to the main menu and select the Story Point. I recommend you read our Ultimate Trickster Guide if you don’t know how to deal with lots of enemies!

Advance until you find the Elite, kill it, grab the loot and get yourself killed. Remember, you get to keep the loot. You will respawn at the last checkpoint. Rinse and repeat.

That is the process, in a nutshell, but what are the best spots to farm Elites? Let’s find out.

Rift Town

This is right at the beginning of the game and it’s arguably the best spot to farm for weapons and in turn get Scraps. Choose the Meet with Jakub and Shira at her command room checkpoint. You get a new objective after the meeting with Shira and Jakub.


Set your World Tier to 1 to have an easy time killing all the enemies. Change it back to the highest number before you kill the Captain. This way, you’ll be reaping the benefits of high World Tier and none of the difficulty.

Follow the new objective and you’ll get a new one to Clear the Ruins. You’ll have to fight some enemies a few more times and one of them will drop a key. Retrieve the key and open the door. This is the area where you find your first Captain.

Now, what you want to do is kill this guy and let the others kill you. You get to keep your loot after you die, and if they kill you right there, you’ll be able to kill the Captain over and over again. This is an excellent way to get loot early in the game. The next two locations might be better if you’re more advanced.

Eagle Peaks (No Fighting)

You need to choose the Speak with Jakub to continue to Deadrock Pass checkpoint, that is, assuming you’ve advanced to this point in the story, but if you’re looking for scraps, then you likely have. All you have to do here is run around and open all the chests in the area. Yes, they will be available every time you choose to go back to that Story Point. Let’s look at how to find every chest in Eagle Peaks in Outriders.

Outriders: Eagle Peaks Chests Locations

Mountain Ropebridge

You can find the first chest of Eagle Peaks starting from the Mountain Ropebridge location on the map. You will start at the Camp location, but you can use the flag to travel there. Go down towards the monster nest and turn left, you’ll find a chest in there right next to an Iron deposit.

Lava Pits

In the area right before you arrive at the Volcano Peak. It’s on the edge where you can see the cable car.

Snowy Plateau

There are two chests in the Snowy Plateau, the first one is right next to a path surrounded by broken logs next to the flag. This path leads to a corpse and the chest right next to it. The corpse contains the A Foreign Agent Journal Entry.

Go up the stairs that are near the flag in the Snowy Plateau. Cross the bridge and go up the slope to the right. Turn right at the end of the slope and you’ll see the second chest. Continue down this path to reach the Outpost Bunkers.

Outpost Bunkers

Enter the bunker, past the first room (the one with the restocking chest) and turn right to find the chest next to three stacked crates. Keep going through this path until you reach another destroyed bunker, but check out the area to the right as shown from the image below.

The bunker and an arrow showing the location of a chest.

Keep moving forward until you reach the cable car. Look behind the cable car, there’s a chest next to the flag. There’s another one to the right of the cable car. Take the cable car and go towards the Radio Tower.

Radio Tower Antenna

Step down the cable car platform and move forward hugging the right side. Take the stairs this will lead you to and you’ll find a room with the chest, an Iron Deposit and Jocelyn Dunham’s Journal Journal Entry.

Enter the bunker and go through the first room to the left to find another chest. Exit the bunker from the back to find the cable car that takes you to the Camp area.

The good thing about this location is that you don’t have to fight at all. Maybe you’ve just levelled up your World Tier and you’re having troubles with the new enemies. If so, this is the perfect location for you.

Ancient Ruins

This Story Point only has two checkpoints to choose from and you have to choose the first one. You’ll find yourself in the forest. Continue forward until you see a Bonewrecker and two Trappers. Kill those enemies and continue forward. Another group of enemies will come at you alongside the Simo White Elite, that’s the one you want to kill. Kill it, grab the loot, die, rinse and repeat. Be careful, though, he’s a sniper so he can take shots at you from a long distance.

You can continue instead of resetting after you clear the first area because you will be facing yet another Elite after this. It might be faster to reset, but doing the two Elites in a row could be more fun, but that’s up to you to decide!

Let me know in the comments if want to share another location where you can farm for weapons!

Selling the Loot

Now, before you go off selling everything, I want you to hover over every piece of equipment you’ve gathered and see if they have a mod you haven’t unlocked. Instead of selling those with locked mods, you should disassemble them instead. You can tell which ones you have unlocked already by the grid icon on the right side of the skill as shown on the next image.

Once you’ve filtered out all the gear with new skills, go ahead and sell everything!

Weapon details showing the grid icon.

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