Stellaris How to Become the Crisis

The new Nemesis DLC allows you to replace the endgame crisis in Stellaris. There’s a process you must follow, however. Let’s look at everything you have to do to become the crisis.

Become the Crisis Ascension Perk

The first step to becoming the Crisis is to unlock the “Become the Crisis” Ascension Perk. You need to have activated two other Ascension Perks before you pick this one. Now, the game doesn’t tell you this, but there are levels to becoming the crisis and you can check your progress from the traditions screen, moving to the “Crisis” tab.

The Crisis Screen

The first level you earn, i.e level 2, unlocks The Menacing Corvette, which has an extra Utility Slot and a Brawler section with a Medium and Small Weapon Slots. These “Menacing” ships are special because they can be built using Minerals instead of Alloys. Extremely useful.

You get a new Special Project called “Something Beyond Reality” after you unlock and activate the Become the Crisis Ascension Perk. It takes 3000 Society Research to complete.

Something Beyond Reality Special Project

Researching this will grant you two Casus Belli on all empires, “Bring into the Fold” (Imposed Inclusion) and “Wipe them Out” (Existential Exclusion). Declaring war on enemy empires with these Casus Belli will further your progress towards becoming the crisis, but by how much we’re gonna look at below.

How to Gain Menace and Become the Crisis

You must gain Menace to gain Crisis Levels and become the Crisis. But how do you gain Menace? You can do so through a variety of ways. Here’s everything that will earn you Menace:

Menace ObjectiveMenace GainedNotes
Destroy Empires100
Destroy Enemy Ships3
Destroy Starbases3
Purge or Assimilate Pops3
Destroy Worlds100
Conquer Worlds150
Vassalize Empires100
Retain Vassals10Annual reward
Perform Disruptive Operations10
Be in Breach of Galactic Community Law
Some empire types can have different objectives.

Crisis Levels

Crisis Level 2 unlocks the Menacing Corvettes, which, as we mentioned, can be built using Minerals instead of Alloys. This small change can make a world of difference when you’re in need of more firepower.

You unlock a Special Project when you reach Crisis Level 3. The project is called “Merge Request” and has a cost of 12,000 Society Research. You also unlock Menacing Destroyers.

Crisis Level 4 unlocks a Special Project called Tearing the Fabric and Menacing Cruisers. Tearing the Fabric has a cost of 20,000 Engineering Research.

The last level unlocks the Star Eater ship type. These ships are a combination of Juggernauts and Collosus. They come equipped with a star system destroyer weapon. That’s right, it can obliterate entire star systems. This is much, much faster than conquering every other world. In addition, you will be recognised as the true crisis upon reaching level 5 and researching the last special project. The Galactic Community will get a new Resolution to deal with the Crisis, i.e you.

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