Tales of Arise – Fagan Ruins Walkthrough

This Tales of Arise Fagan Ruins Walkthrough will help you find all items and get to the end of the Fagan Ruins easily.

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Fagan Ruins Walkthrough Tales of Arise

First, there will be two Armadillos in front of you. If you move east, you will find a Mining Point and two more Armadillos. Further east, you will find a chest with 2 Life Bottle.

Go west this time and you’ll find a lone Mushroom. Follow this path to get to Floor 2F.

Fagan Ruins – Floor 2F

First, go north passing the Armadillo and Bees. There’s a Mining Point there as you can see on the map and a Chamomile in a room with two Armadillos north from the Mining Point. There’s a locked room we can only unlock from Floor 3F. Go back, take the corridor east from the staircase and enter the room to the south to find an Apple Gel. Keep moving east and climb up the slope to get to Floor 3F

Fagan Ruins – Floor 3F

There’s a Mining Point and an Orange Gel on this floor, but perhaps more importantly, you can unlock the door from 2F by operating the terminal in the southmost room. I highly recommend you do so as you gain your first accessory with it, the Pierce Emblem which increases your Penetration by 30. Don’t forget to equip it to one of your characters. When you’re done, use the elevator to enter the Residential Quarters.

Residential Quarters

Here, simply follow the marker to trigger a scene. Finally, Shionne gets her new clothes and you receive the Noble Rose rifle, Scarlet Tiara and Noble Scarlet dress for Shionne. Now, simply leave the Fagan Ruins and when you’re in the Iglia Wastes, you will unlock Fast Travel. Use it to get back quickly and speak to Zephyr to end this quest. Leave Ulzebek from the north exit to arrive at Kyrd Garrison.

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