Tales of Arise – Iglia Wastes Walkthrough

Welcome to the fourth part of our Tales of Arise Walkthrough. This Tales of Arise Iglia Wastes Walkthrough and Guide will show you the location of items, including the Dahnan Owl and more!

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Visit the Fangan Ruins

If you haven’t left Ulzebek, do so from the northwest exit. This leads you to the Iglia Wastes. Once in the Iglia Wastes, take a few steps and you’ll be interrupted by Shionne, which will then trigger a battle and an explanation on Boost Attacks. Make sure to pay attention so you can integrate these attacks during battle.

There’s a ladder west from the Wolves, which leads to a chest with 500 Gald, 2 Potato and 3 Wheat. As you can see from the map above, there are a lot of goodies for you to find all around the Iglia Wastes, but perhaps you might be more interested in the Dahnan Owl.

Dahnan Owl #3

Again, one of these Dahnan Owls can be found in the Iglia Wastes on the southwest side. You need to climb up the vines further west from there to get there. You will receive the cosmetic item Spotted Cat Ears this time.

Another noteworthy item is the Lavender at the top-right side of the map. This herb will increase a character’s Attack stat when used, so I recommend you pick it up.


You can find several Golem Zeugles in this area. Golems sometimes drop the Strange Core and Stone Fragment materials. These can be useful to upgrade your weapons.

When you’re ready, head north of the map towards the Campsite and use it to rest. You’ll be prompted with a mini-tutorial on Cooking, so make sure to read it. Shionne will unlock the Speedy Chef Title and unlock new Skills after this. Use the exit near the Campsite to arrive at the Fagan Ruins Entrance. Once there, move forward towards a closed gate and a scene with Shionne will ensue.

Once on the other side, proceed to the next door and operate the terminal next to it to unlock the passage.

Go to the other side to enter the Fagan Ruins and we’ll see you on the next page!

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