Tales of Arise – Life of a Slave Walkthrough

This Tales of Arise walkthrough and guide will lead you step-by-step and give you some tips along the way. This is only the first part of the game. If you’d like to see more, bookmark this page and we will add some links to the next parts below!

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You gain control of your character who needs to talk to the doctor who is right in front of you. There’s a star icon on the minimap to the top-right. This icon tells you where you need to go and we’ll be using it as a reference throughout the walkthrough. Go see the doctor to reveal a little something about your character’s backstory.

Rest in your Assigned Bed

You can open the map with the [M] key on PC.

There’s not much to do other than speak to the NPCs (green icons) and go to your assigned bed on the top-right. The next day, you get a new marker leading you towards a freight. Which ends the short main quest “Life of a Slave” after some cinematic scenes.

The Mysterious Woman

You wake up in one of the Crimson Crows safe houses. Apparently, they’re a resistance group of the Dahnan’s people. They lock up the woman from the cutscene and you have to go investigate what’s going on. You can speak to Tilsa and ask her a variety of questions if you’re interested. Go to see the mysterious woman to trigger a few scenes. You get a Dull Blade after the scene and you have to escape the mines.

The game doesn’t tell you, but you can run by holding down the [SHIFT] key on PC. You can’t do it at the start of the game, but you can do it, now.

In-game map of the mines

Run towards the marker and you’ll come across a Renan Armored Soldier, which means this is your first battle. A note with basic combat controls will pop up before the battle starts. The combat system is simple. You can chain certain attacks and perform Artes, which are your skills. The cool thing about Artes is that it opens up new combos. For example, the Rising Wyvern Arte will toss your enemy up in the air and you can combine that with regular attacks, which results in an air combo. You can also evade attacks. This enemy will serve as practice just fine, even on the Hard difficulty. You will find a bag with an Apple Gel in the next area and another enemy after that, but this time you fight an Armored Soldier and a Wolf.

I focused my attacks on the wolf at first since it can reach you faster than the Armored Soldier. Just make sure to interrupt the Armored Soldier if it starts charging an attack. Keep going forward and you’ll find the mysterious woman and two armored soldiers. You’ll see a note about combos before the battle starts. I mentioned it in the previous paragraph, but you can extend a combo by using Artes to toss the enemy up in the air. You can start your combos with regular attacks, but you can only chain those once in the ground or air, so if you switch between ground and air, you can extend your combos.

By the way, you can assign your Artes to different keys or buttons if you like. You can do so in the Artes section (should be available after this fight). Move forward to meet up with Zephyr and watch some more scenes. Leave the mines from here to reach the Sandinus Ravine. We’ll see you on the next page of our walkthrough.

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