Tales of Arise – Sandinus Ravine Walkthrough

This is the second part of our Tales of Arise Walkthrough Guide! You can read the first part here! This time, we’re looking at the Sandinus Ravine location. We will show you where to find every item, Dahnan Owl and more!

There are three Wolves waiting for you around the corner. You will start the battle with Zephyr and Shionne and a brief explanation on how to change character controls will appear, so read carefully. There are three of you, now, so the battle should not be difficult even in the Hard difficulty. Keep moving forward and you will see big Golem spawn out of the ground. West from the Golem, you will see a ladder you can climb that leads to a Mining Point. Interact with the mining point to get 2 Antidote Rock.

A detailed map with items in the Sandinus Ravine
A detailed map with items of the Sandinus Ravine

The Golem can be quite deadly in Hard mode. It caught me by surprise the first time and killed me in one hit. If it does get you, wait a bit and Shionne will revive you if she gets the chance. Make sure to attack it back from the back. You will see a bright orange spot on the back, that’s it weak spot and it receives more damage when you hit it there. You get 2 Stone Fragment if you beat the Golem, but you can ignore it if you want. You will also find a chest with 3 Life Bottle east of the Golem. It’s an item that can revive someone with 800 HP.

Move forward until you reach the camping site to watch a scene and recover HP and CP.

Camping Sites

Camping Sites allow you to recover your party’s HP and CP for free. Make sure to use them whenever possible. This will also respawn enemies and Mining Points, meaning you can have a rematch with that Golem and grab more Antidote Rock from the Mining Point west of the Golem.

You’ll find another Mining Point just south of the camping site with 2 Antidote Rock. Move forward north from the camping site and you’ll come across some vines leading down and Wheat that you can collect from the ground. If you climb down the vines, you will find more food in there. There’s a Carp in the lake and some Sage right next to it.

Tales of Arise - Fish in the Lake
The shining particles mark the spot with fish.

Continue forward to the next big open area and you’ll find a bag of Apple Gel on the west side of the tracks and 2 Mushroom on the northeast side. Going up the hill takes you to a Level 43 Mantis. The Mantis has way too much HP for you to take on and have fun. Maybe some real hardcore players can take on this boss early in the game, but we will be ignoring it on this walkthrough for the sake of sanity. You might get the chance to see a skit between Iron Mask and Shionne at this point.

You will find some Armadillos up ahead. They drop Spherical Shell or Hard Bone materials when killed. There’s a Dahnan Owl next to the Armadillos.

Dahnan Owl

You will find this little Owl all around the world of Tales of Arise. You get a cosmetic item every time you interact with it. Our walkthrough will always tell you where to find Dahnan Owls. Interact with it this time to obtain a Dog Tail cosmetic item.

You will find 3 more Armadillos west from here, and beyond the Armadillos to the west, you will find 3 Wheat and an Orange Gel. And right before the marker, if you go west instead, you find two more Armadillos and a Mining Point with 2 Paralaxstone. Follow the Marker to enter Ulzebek and we’ll see you on the next page.

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