Tales of Arise – Ulzebek Walkthrough

The third part of our Walkthrough Series for Tales of Arise! This Ulzebek Walkthrough Guide will show you the location of every item, including the location of the Dahnan Owl!

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You’ll find an Apple Gel on the Fountain at the centre of the square and you can sleep for free at the inn as well as buy some items. I don’t recommend any purchases right now.

Map of Ulzebek with Items

Head towards the marker to meet up with the others. You receive a new outfit for Iron Mask and a new objective.

Dahnan Owl #2

You can find the Dahnan Owl #2 here. In the room with all the Crimson Crows members and where Zephyr leaves your party. Instead of going back out from where you entered, use the ladders to reach the top floor and you’ll find the Dahnan Owl there. You’ll receive the Rabbit Ears cosmetic item.

Speak to Nayth, who’s right down by the fountain to get a new objective.

Battle Preparations and the first Sub-Quest

Speak with the client to get a new Sub-Quest. You will get a brief explanation of how Sub-Quests are handled in-game. Go back to the Sandinus Ravine and follow the marker (TIP: All the Mining Points and Food will respawn, as well as Zeugles). Go back to Ulzebek (use the campsite to recover HP if you want) and give the supplies to Dyron after the scene. Speak to Nayth again to finish this quest. As you leave the room, you will see an NPC with a letter icon, which means it has a Sub-Quest for you.

Unfortunately, that Sub-Quest is to take down the Mantis in the Sandinus Ravine, which would be hard to do right now, but at least you can accept the quest and return later. For now, leave Ulzebek from the northwest exit towards the Iglia Wastes.

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